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Location:   Charlotte - 28202 Age:   Not Set
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My tongue continuing to gently slide up and down your long shaft, making sure I drink up every drop of your wonderful potion Noticing as you greeted her with a hug, puckering your lips, blowing me a kiss, and lipped the words I Love You! I say in a whisper to you My Love for You, Happy Birthday!!

feeling your balls begin to tighten to your body, my finger moves to behind your balls, finding your gspot as my mouth moves back up the shaft, my tongue stroking it slowly with its velvety touch as I do, pressing up and forward upon your gspot as I look at you, and see that you are starting to lose control of trying to keep a straight face, as I hear, footsteps nearing us

I hear the footsteps stop, by our table I hear the waitress asking I smile at you, blushing a little, saying, baby, there is more to come, that is just the beginning, chuckling just a bit, you say ohh really? So what do you have in mind, as I smile a little cat smile and say you will see sir sir? I look up at you, with a smile, watching as you open your eyes, and glance down at me, for just a second, as you smile at the waitress and say yes ma'am I am just wonderful! As she asks, sir, your lady friend, did she not stay for dinner? Is dinner ok? A chuckle comes out, and you tell her, dinner is great

You smile, I move closer to you, looking at you in your eyes, my lips brush against your delicious lips, pressing my mouth to yours, I continue to look into your beautiful eyes, my tongue darts out into your mouth and begins to caress your tongue with mine we stand there, as your eyes move up my body a clothed table with the tablecloth flowing all the way down to the floor, a candle in the middle of the table, with a bottle of champagne iced near, soft slow music playing We smile and thank her, as she walks away You wink at me, and smile telling the waitress, that we may need more champagne later, as the waitress walks away I smile at you and say With you holding me around the small of my back reaching downward to my butt cheeks, pulling me closer to you

Looking at you, I whisper Happy Birthday My Love, wishing for many more to cum! Pressing my lips to yours, as I share the sweet remains of your delicious nectar with you, our tongues dueling within our mouths, as I know I must leave now, releasing with regret the sweet kiss, as I stand with a smile and begin to walk away Standing here admiring the beauty of the structure and setting so elegant a restaurant I hear a soft moan escape your lips, smiling as I tickle your neck with my tongue, kissing and sucking in your delicious salts, my warm soft hands caressing the muscles of your shoulder and back listening to the soft music playing, as we delight in each others arms, whispering to each other moans of private emotions, with each grip of our arms tighter around each other, as our sexual energies are flowing within us, dancing together, without thought of anyone, or anything but us two

I raise my eyebrows and say I look at you from under the table, with a wink and a smile, I take your hardness into my hand, encircling my fingers around the huge thick shaft, stroking the skin downward to the base to your balls, my tongue darts out, licking the head, you feel the warm wetness of my tongue circling the soft skin of the head of your delicious cock the heat of my breath, with the velvety feel of my tongue circling around the tip

I look at you from beneath the table You move your arm from behind me, you pick up the rose from the table, looking at me, you say I feel your hand grip, my arm as you release the kiss, and whisper, baby we are in a restaurant giving her your name, she says oh yes, your party is already here, we have the table that was requested, we hope that it is to your liking You turn to me, nodding my head, and you give the waitress our order

I slip back up so that I am sitting next to you, glancing around the room and noticing that the room had filled up, you look at me and say it shall never fade, and as days go by, and the rose blossoms to its fullness, so shall my love for you blossom My mouth began to water at your sight, as the juices within me began to flow I can feel your body heat against my shoulders as you slide your arm around me mmmmmmm

Feeling you harden within my fingertips, making me wet, knowing that I am pleasing you, looking up at you, I see you close your eyes, tilting your head back just a bit At this she looks puzzled, she asks if she can get anything else for you, since it seems that you hadn't touched your food, you tell her no, that this was the best meal you had every had, and that you had all you ever needed right here at this table I feel your hardness growing beneath your pants lets say I have another order of you?? You smile and say, don't I wish, with a sadden look I feel your body heat against me, the champagne warming my insides

As I lick and lap them all up sir baby, this is the most perfect specimen of a rose I have ever seen, but truthfully you need not have gotten me anything, for you are all that I could wish for, as a birthday present

Arriving at the restaurant, I see a small gift shop, in which I walk in and see exactly what it is I want

Taking the champagne from the ice bucket, you pour us each a glass

I see you glance down at me, you then lift your head up, looking around the room, trying to not show the pleasure in your face, smiling within myself, as I notice that your eyes close for seconds, and your lips pucker She then smiled and left Our kiss becomes urgent, our breathes becoming as one, as you breath out, taking your sexual essences within me, realizing where we are, as we pull away from each other, looking around the room, we see some people watching us, we can’t help but laugh to ourselves I feel the tightness within your pants enlarge

I push up against your gspot, feeling your hardness pulsating, throbbing within my hot mouth I kiss the sweet petals of the rose, to seal it, and hand it to you We smile at each other, knowing that this night will be one to remember pushing your hips up, as you hold my head, squirting deep into my throat I taste all your juices, giving me all your sweet delicious nectar

Tonight is your birthday and we have decided that we will go out for dinner and dancing, meeting at the restaurant for dinner My hips swaying back and forth as I sashay across the room to you Looking into my closet, for something special to wear for this occasion, I come across a silky blue pull over dress that clings to my body, with the luster of the material, shimmering against the curves and waves of my body, the design of the dress with its thin straps across my shoulder, with a v-neck bust line, showing my cleavage, fitted at the waist, as it flows over my hips to my middle thighs, with a small slit on the hem

My tongue caressing every inch, pulling you deeper as you completely fill me, and my lips rest against your balls Rib eye steak, baked potatoes, with butter, and cheese, green beans, toast, with salad

At this moment, the waitress, walks to our table asking if we are ready to order umm could be I don't want to bother you, but your dinner is served, and I wanted to let you know before it gets cold

I know that I want you, my body, is reacting to your touch, your sight mmm yess Standing beside you, my hand moves from behind me, you see a full opened red rose blossom within my fingertips, handing it to you, reciting to you, my Darling, today is a special day for you, I want you to know the love I have for you is as precious as the delicateness of the petals of this rose, and that you have touched a part of my heart that is as deep as the redness of the color of this beautiful flower Looking at you we toast to your Birthday, wishing you many more to come, as we entwine our arms, sipping from our glasses my mouth moves over the head, enclosing it within my juicy mouth, and I begin to suck, my tongue circling and swirling around you your hand holds my head I feel you push your hips up to my mouth, as I begin to stroke you up and down with my mouth, my tongue swirling around you with each movement of my mouth upon you, sucking and savoring your juices, as your throbbing thick cock slides in and out of my warm wet lips, you move your hips slightly up to me, pushing deeper in my throat, seeing the delight upon your face, you move one of your hands down from the table, holding my head, as the other one holds the fork to your plate are you ok??? drinking all of you

I take your balls into my mouth as I begin to suck them one by one, stroking your huge shaft with my hands You whisper, I have all I need right here beneath this table is what I mean hummmm thinking of breakfast now

The gleam of the light shows my erect nipples beneath my silky dress, as I move, the softness against them, sending sensations throughout me, I feel my juices against my thighs winking at you, walking closer to the table

The music stops, we continue to sway holding each other close, hearing only each others breathing, feeling our hearts beating in unison, lost in our own world You pour us another glass of champagne, and we begin talking again about our day, as I lift my fork, and kind of just move my food around, looking at me, you ask what is wrong baby, did you not want this to eat? I smile and assure you that what you ordered was great, but that my appetite, wanted something different at the moment, looking at me, and say awe baby, you should have said something I would have ordered whatever your heart desired

Turning my body to you as I move downward over the shaft, the warmth of my wet mouth surrounding every inch of your wonderful cock, I feel you push your hips upward into my mouth opening my mouth upon the head as I enclose my lips around you, you feel my warm mouth surround you as I begin to suckle your hardness slowly into my mouth, savoring your delicious flavors My tongue stroking you as I take you into my mouth swirling around the tip of the head, gently pressing against the opening with the tip of my tongue, the wet feel of my velvety tongue pressed against you, taking you deeper into my mouth inch by wonderful inch, as you fill my mouth with your huge thick hardness, going deeper and deeper into my throat as I enclose tighter around you and my lady friend, well she is just great too, and she is around, she had to go get a drink is all Taking me by the hand as me move out to the dance floor, looking at me, I gaze deep into your eyes

Reaching the doorway, as I pass by my rival without a clue as to who I am I move my hips closer to yours, you pull me tighter against you I glance at my watch and look at you, its time isn't it? You look at me and say yes it is

I thank the hostess, as she leaves Stroking your hardness up and down with my awaiting wet, warm mouth, moving up and down on you, the feel of my velvety tongue sliding up and down on your pulsating cock taking you completely in my mouth, sucking and savoring each pore of you delicious hardness after paying the cashier, I go to the doorway of the restaurant Just then the waitress comes to us, on the dance floor, tapping you on the shoulder, bringing us back into reality, she smiles and says I smile and look around, not seeing anyone look our way, I smile back and say, well baby you did say I can have whatever my heart desires humm baby are you trying to get me drunk? You just smile that little smile you have, the one that says and YOU are what I desire, and I intend on having you!

Slowly I move my body downward under the table, so that I am between your legs, as I see you lift the tablecloth, watching to see what I am up to

Walking to the table, I see you sitting there, so handsome in your lovely suit, I smile at you, seeing the gleam in your eyes as I near the table, you stand, I move closer to the table, looking around the room, making sure it is exactly as I specified, with the table against the wall, with dim romantic lights near from the ankle strap black high heals up my calves over my knees to my thighs, to the hem of my silky blue dress, up my stomach, over my breasts and neck, to my lips and eyes, as you open you arms your lips uttering the soft sounds mmmmm I move into your arms, my arms move around your neck and shoulders, I feel you grip me around my waist, our bodies begin to sway to the music, watching as your eyes move down to my cleavage, then back up again your lips move to my neck and you slide your tongue against my skin, shivers run down my spine as our hips move against each others I move my hand to your face, smiling as my fingertips move along the jaw line of your handsome face, down your neck, my face moves closer to yours, I whisper to you, as my hand moves down your chest, to your stomach, saying baby I have what I desire right here before my eyes, my fingers brushing against your hardness as my lips press against yours, my gaze fixed on you, my tongue probes into your warm awaiting mouth, my hand lays against your huge hardness, beneath the cloth of your pants, as our kiss becomes deeper, with more intensity, my fingers find your zipper, my fingers move into the opening, as I guide my hand to your glorious hardness With one hand caressing your balls, feeling them tighten, and the other hand, with two encircled fingers pulls down on the shaft of you gorgeous cock, making a ring at the base

The hostess walks to me, and asks if I had reservations, smiling I say to her yes

We sit back listening to the soft music playing sipping our champagne and discussing our day with each other My arms move across your shoulders as my fingers touch your strong body, holding you close, feeling the heat of your skin against mine Everything was perfect!

God you looked so great sitting there as I giggle with a wink sucking up and down on you, stroking you with each movement of my mouth on you, harder the suction as I taste the first droplets of your hot cumm hitting the back of my throat Watching as she neared you, our eyes meet once again, with sadness, I motion a little wave of my fingers, as I watch you get up at the table to greet your wife so darling, how was your meal my soft lips enclosed around you sucking up all you have to offer, moving slowly up the shaft to the head, my tongue slides down the backside, as it reaches your balls, and I kiss them, you feel my hot breath against them, as my tongue slides along them, licking them my hand with its warm soft palm moves up and down the shaft, stroking every long inch of you

My lips find your ear, sliding my tongue along the edge, darting my tongue into your ear, then nibbling your earlobe gently You look at me and ask if I would care to dance? I smile and say, I thought you would never ask mmmmm yess cum for me baby! I hear the fork drop from your hand, as I see your eyes close, and your head move back, your lips puckered, as you begin to explode deep in my throat, I suck deeper, wanting to drink every drop you have to offer, moving up and down on you, stroking all of you, as your hardness slides in and out of my warm wet slippery mouth

We return back to the booth and sit, we see this elegant dinner before us, just waiting to be consumed

You motion with your hand for me to sit within the boot, sliding to the center, you move in next to me

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