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Rate: $120

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Location:   Greensboro - 27403 Age:   31
Height:   5' 7" Ethnicity:  African American
Weight:   106 Eyes:   Brown
Bust :   Not Set Dress :   Not Set
Waist:   Not Set Shoe:  Not Set
Hips :   Not Set Hair:   Brown

Hello, would you love to feel like you haven't felt in a while, call me and I can make you feel wonderful.I am a verified hookup and I'm here to satisfy you. Great GFE. Call for more info. No emails, texts, or blocked calls.

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‘Later baby’ was his reply and I knew what I had to do, and I made up my mind to give Jack the best head he’d ever had I was gasping, the shock, the pain, suddenly my legs shook and I felt myself cumming

Leon, then saw the danger we were in, ‘At last’ I felt like shouting but knew we were in trouble Jack told me take one out and light it for him I was starting to squirm slightly in his lap, my breathing had quickened, my face flushed I took one and placed it between my lips, ‘not like that’ he said, ‘come round here’ I swirled my mouth round the glands, using my tongue on the tender part just below the rim, wanking his great length with one hand, massaging his balls tenderly with the other while moaning for him to fuck my slutty mouth, to cum down my filthy throat and spray all over my whores lips

Seth hadn’t even moved it was all so quick I completed the outfit with black stiletto pumps and topped it of with a black leather jacket belted at the middle Here’ he said throwing me a soft black PVC micro mini dress The feelings I felt having that beast come to life in my hands and mouth were indescribable

The two men were leaning in closer I blushed and thanked him but he said ‘not at all, lots of men would love to have you on their arm’

‘No thanks’ I said, ‘my husband is getting me one’ ‘No you misunderstand, he said, a giggle passing between him and his friend, ‘it wasn’t a request, LADY, it was a fucking statement’ he was licking his lips and looking me up and down, ‘first a drink and then me and my buddy here are going to take you outside, round the back and give you the fuck you been craving for, aint that right Seth’ I wanted it steely hard for when he allowed me to mount it, and when he did I knew I would buck up and down on it begging him to fuck me like a whore The knife clattered out of his hand and Jack again swiftly applied sudden pressure to Leroys elbow and in the close proximity we heard bone crunch and snap even over the wailing juke box That’s when Jack asked me I would like to work for him

My hands now free from pulling on his trousers snaked forward, all trembling gone, now they were guided by pure lust as they gently grasped Jacks manly shaft Did I imagine it or did his tongue quickly flick across those hot looking lips

I walked round beside him and he took my hand and gently pulled me onto his lap I flicked the lighter put the flame to the end of the cigar and slowly started to suck

I plunged his cock once more into my mouth, working feverishly to stiffen that monster so he could fuck me hard for as long as he wanted too

‘Howdy pretty lady’ said the largest and ugliest man she had ever seen, ‘buy you a little drink, lady’ As she adjusted her dress she started to become accustomed to the dim light and through the pall of smoke she could see the tables were mostly full of biker types, hairy, muscular, heavily tattooed and all seemingly intent on staring at her, now and again mumbling into each others ears over the loud rock beat coming from the juke box He needed girls to do promotions at sporting events I felt him twitch then in my left hand and I leaned forward engulfing the glands in my mouth, moaning and slobbering as I proceeded to suck, lick and kiss Jacks cock till it reached its full length I moaned a muffled ‘uhu’, I mean wasn’t it obvious, here I was licking my pussy juices of his cowboy boot after sucking his very large cock and wanting desperately for him to fuck me I could only stare up into those large dark eyes, dream of those full wet lips covering my body as he replaced my wanking hand with his own, moving mine down to take a ball in each hand Although it was bigger than Leons and twice as thick, still it was not hard I also felt myself cumming as I squeezed my pussy tightly and forced my bud down onto the end of Jacks pointed cowboy boots, bucking in time to the hand working me up and down that ramrod shaft, with my climax so forceful, and the mouth fucking so dominating I thought I was going to faint All she wanted to do was gulp down her drink and get the fuck out of there ‘Good’ he said, ‘now bend from the waist, right over and suck me hard’

‘No need to be shy with me Angela, I’m a big boy I felt giddy with lust

‘Sure’ I replied, ‘where can I get changed’ I got dressed in a nice tight licra mini dress with no bra, hold up lacy black stockings that finished high on my hips and a tiny pair of see through lace panties, again in black

‘Hi’ said Jack, ‘I’ve been here since eight, didn’t think you were gonna call’ These men looked real mean and Leon was no heavyweight, they would probably stomp him if he interfered Black teeth was running his right hand lightly higher and higher up my bare leg and flicking my hardening nipples with the back of his left Jack watched me all the time ‘Y I sat with my practically bare pussy over the centre of his crotch He had a look on his face that sent shivers through me as I slavishly bent right down and started to lick my copious juices off his black, pointed toed cowboy boot Try as I might I couldn’t help myself, a sheen of perspiration overwhelmed my body and the rubber dress started to stick even closed to my ample curves His partner was trying to finger my ass hole from behind as he moved his hand between the small slit in the back of my tightly moulded rubber mini dress This encouraged me to start to take more and more into my mouth

‘Fuck me Jack, oh fuck me, fill my pussy with your cock, split me open, make me scream’, over and over I begged as I licked, sucked and wanked Then at last Jack clenched my hair behind my head and raised my mouth from his cock Interested, I knew I would be in his office on Monday and taking any job he had to offer me I thought I would like to bury my face in that ass and tongue it all over It rode high on my hips and I was glad I had chosen the high hold-ups as their lacy tops were fully exposed

‘Where are we going’ I asked Fuck what was going on, here I was about to raped at knife point and I was being turned on I looked up and he was staring intently at me The base of his black cock was just visible for an inch or two where it joined his groin He took my hands and still leaning back placed them around his neck, then surprising me he put his left hand tenderly around my right ass cheek pulling me towards him and with his right hand, ripped of my flimsy panties, then with his forefinger and thumb, took hold of my wispy blonde pubes and started to lift me up onto his lap Would it be bigger than Leon’s, not too small, eight incher, I wondered, as I clenched an imaginary cock with my pussy and leaked even more juice, this time it was on the leather upholstery of Jacks car Jack suddenly tensed, roughly he grabbed me by the hair and brutally rammed his cock down my screaming throat He nodded and I leant away from him over the desk to retrieve the lighter

I phoned at nine Her tiny ‘g string’ seemed to shrink into the crease of her ass as the men sidled up to her

We talked about the job offer over the rest of the weekend and come Monday I had talked Leon round to letting me go for an interview at least

I slipped of my dress, aware of his gaze on me

He reached into a drawer in the desk and pulled out a pair of full length gloves, again in black shiny soft PVC and tossed them towards me

She glanced over to the bar, fuck, the stupid shit had the two beers in one hand and was yapping to the fucking barman like they were old friends I wasn’t even aware that I had started to grind myself down on to his hardening cock, and I was in a dream like state as he took the cigar from my mouth with one hand and placed the other on top of my head and slowly, but sensually, firm enough to show who was in control, slid me down from his lap onto my knees till my head was level with his open crotch I looked at him and another burst of juice leaked out of my pussy

Slowly he eased himself up, teasing me, making me cry out and beg, ‘please, Jack’ till there was enough cock showing for me to turn my head sideways on and grip the still hardening shaft in my mouth, like a puppy with a bone We watched as they slunk out, Leroy in obvious pain holding his useless arm

I reached into Jacks crotch and with shaking fingers pulled down his zip and loosened the belt on his leather jeans Juice was running down my thighs as Jack guided my pussy onto the head of his swollen cock, my head was thrown back and I was moaning ‘fuck me, fuck me, fuck me’ over and over again What about you Jack, I thought

My whole body shook in the tight PVC and, as I did this, my bare nipples rubbed across the rough interior of the material, making them harden visibly, but to me they felt as if they were bursting I placed my left hand gently on top of Jacks cock near the base, my right slid palm upwards to the underside just behind the cock head I was now encircled round the waste by this huge black mans hands, a cigar in my mouth a lighter in my hand with Jacks hot breath tingling over my bare shoulders as I sat with my back to him and he eased my throbbing pussy up and down the length of his yet unseen cock

I looked up into his eyes as he pulled languidly on the cigar and in huskily I said ‘Jack, please fuck me, make me your bitch, I’ll do anything for you, please fuck me, hard’

I licked Jacks cock and leather jeans clean, then, he lifted my head up from his lap and said ‘now my boots’ ‘Ok, how about you do some modelling for me, see how it goes’

‘I’m going spunk in your cocksucker mouth now my little cock slave and your going to swallow every drop’ said Jack as he held me by the hair with his strong hand, his cockhead filling my mouth She shuffled her feet nervously, almost falling over in her spiky white leather slip ons

Soon I had him rigid and throbbing He smiled at his friend all black teeth between a filthy looking reddish beard as he sarcastically emphasised the word ‘LADY’, making it obvious he thought I was a cheap whore looking for a fuck My breasts threatened to fall out of the top of the scooped neck as I bent down to slip on my pumps while resting one hand in front of Jacks desk

I took the cigar and used my tongue and lips to dampen the end Jack erupted squirting and firing load after load of hot cum to the back of my throat, so fast I couldn’t swallow it all as he pulled my head up and down like a jackhammer, forcing cum to squirt out of the side of my mouth and down his shaft

Suddenly there was another man beside us

Leon appeared at last, a big stupid smile on his face

She had wanted things to change in her life ever since she met Jack and the first time he fucked her she knew that she was his and would do whatever he wanted her to Jack was still holding onto Leroys useless right arm, holding him in a semi upright position and said to Seth ‘get this piece of shit the fuck out of here’ Leon tried to be brave, ‘leave us alone’ he said, but really it sounded kinda whiny He waited till I was slurping up the sole and could see him as I looked up and he informed me that from now on I was his property, ‘do you understand’, he said yea thanks’ he mumbled My jaw was aching and as I started to stir I realised I had forced Jacks boot halfway up my pussy which was flexing over it as if I was trying to milk his foot

Leon, her husband of all of six months, was bound tightly, arms behind his back and on his knees, with his ass up in the air making a perfect target for the vicious crop that she gripped tightly in her right hand God I needed to get this cock loose and suck it deep into my mouth Inside were several very large cigars

‘Bitch, bitch, bitch’ he said over and over again as he fucked my mouth and throat with his powerful meaty cock

Angela picked up the crop, turned and sneered at her husband Everybody in the room was black except for me and Leon, but Jack made us feel at ease, buying drink and chatting easily

I came around with my head in Jacks lap my mouth licking up cum of its own accord God he sounded as if he wanted me as much as I wanted him ‘Yea, fuck you real good bitch’, put in his equally loathsome friend Oh yes, the times were certainly gonna be changing ‘I’ll send a car straight over for you’ said Jack and thirty minutes later I was in his office I felt as wanton as any slut working the street, swallowing that huge cock down my throat, sucking and tonguing it all the way down Leon was working a double shift, six in the morning till ten at night, he wished me luck as he left and as soon as he was out the door I was up and preparing ‘How do you feel about wearing sexy costumes’, he must have known by the slutty way I did dress that it wouldn’t be a problem Leon didn’t catch the look he gave him but Angela did, she instinctively started to try to stretch the hem of her pink latex mini dress, which only succeeded in making more of her ample chest start to tumble out of the tight confines of the tank top

God, where was Leon, and would he be able to do anything He was as black as coal, lithe like a cat, with a sureness about the way he looked, talked and acted ‘Put the fucking knife away Leroy, these people are with me’ Leon was by now visibly shaking, I on the other hand started to feel myself getting wet He was very tall, about six foot six, equalling the two bikers in height and probably weight although he was slimmer at the waist and filled his leather jeans to perfection I felt faint kneeling in front of Jack, who calmly looked down on me, smiling slightly as he savoured his cigar, leaning back in his chair Quickly I put them on, using my hands to ease them up my arms rather like I would with stockings

‘Light me baby’ was all Jack said It had been in the sleazy her stupid husband had insisted on taking her to Just as I thought I would slip from his lap and fall, Jack put both his hands round my hips and pulled me back onto his lap

After a while he told me to stand and take of the PVC dress

Jack moved one of his hands from around my waist and started to stroke the back of my neck, ‘Light me bitch’ he said Up a narrow stairway with me again in the middle, my face inches from Jacks gorgeous behind It felt like a tapered cock as I sucked more of it in and it increased in thickness I moved a little and something that felt quite large stirred against my inner thigh

Everybody looked at the man in front of us, no more than a couple of feet away I stood in front of him in my heels and stockings, with only the tiny, absolutely saturated, black lacy panties to hide my modesty ‘Don’t mention it’ said Jack, ‘but we better get you out of here, these boys just may come back, with a few of there buddies if you know what I mean’

We found our way outside and Jack guided us to his car I was in rapture I know he was a little drunk but still

Jack moaned ever so slightly I covered myself from head to toe in a sensual body spray, designed to work with the perfume I would be wearing when I met Jack I could feel myself starting to gag as Jack hit the back of my throat, but even had I wanted to stop I couldn’t, as Jack eased out of the chair a little and started to slide into my gullet ‘Now squeeze them gently slut’ he said, as he wanked himself into my cockhead, full, mouth till he was cumming like a fountain

‘This is fuck all to do with you Jack’ said Leroy I moaned like a bitch in heat and dove for this area, lashing it with my tongue while kissing and sucking at it with my lips

She thought back to the first time she met Jack We decided we would think over his offer and arranged to call on him on Monday if I was interested

We reached a part of town that neither, Leon or, myself had ever been in The heat I was feeling was building up and a thickish strand of my honey blonde hair fell forward from being tied up and I threw my head back a little to clear it from my eyes ‘Yea, baby’ said Jack ‘ nice and slowly, get that thing real hot for your daddy’

‘Stay there baby, clean me up good’, said Jack As Jack pulled out his cock was visibly hardening so that by the time the head left my mouth his magnificent weapon was standing straight up, a whole twelve inches of glistening muscle Jack led the way

Jack pulled out of my mouth and I stretched my kneeling body to allow him to break free, all the time I was softly stroking his balls with one hand while holding the base of his cock in a tight ring with my thumb and forefinger

Jacks jeans were by now half way down his thighs and still no sign of his monster being unleashed, when suddenly out it sprang, bobbing and swaying, semi hard and at least nine inches long and as thick as my wrist As I did so, I slowly slid my pussy over the now very noticeable bulge in his trousers Frantically I pulled at his jeans, my mouth following down his massive shaft as more became exposed

Where the fuck was Leon Get the fuck over here she thought as she noticed two large, heavy set biker types moving in her direction

We told him how we had only been married six months and well yea money was tight, even with my waitressing it was still hard to make ends meet Slowly I pulled back, uncovering Jacks huge purple glands as his foreskin slowly slid over the head As soon as she stepped in the door she knew they had made a big mistake He looked at the three of us and said with a bit of drunken bravado, ‘can I help you gentlemen’ ‘Just a little club I know’ said Jack, ‘don’t worry’ he said looking at me and smiling, showing me his perfect white teeth as his large lips parted I didn’t want Leon to see I was so keen however and we made small talk for the rest of the evening till Jack got us taxi to take us home, insisting on paying for it himself Black teeth pulled a large bowie knife and said ‘we all gonna a take a little trip outside, then you gonna watch us put to your bitch’ We all got in the front, I sat in the middle, squeezing up close next to Jack, I felt real safe sitting next to him and, found myself daydreaming about the size and colour of his cock I needed that cock inside me, Jack knew this, but still he had me beg ‘Oh yes, please fuck me hard’ I replied Both of them looked at him and sniggered, ‘no thanks shithead, were helping ourselves’

The room was quite small, just a half dozen tables or so, with three of them taken ‘Wrong’ replied Jack, ‘like I said, their, with me’ She had to admit that she loved being the slutty wife behind Leon’s back and now she was revelling in the power that both she and Jack were wielding She swished the crop through the air testing its flexibility, marvelling at the sound it made as it cut the air, and musing on the fact that Leon could not scream as long as he had big Jacks cock wedged in his throat, slowly face fucking her wimp of a husband My mouth seemed to be producing copious amounts of saliva as I worked away feverishly, moaning and mewling loudly as I tried to pull Jacks jeans down over his hips

He didn’t waste any time but got right down to business ‘Do you want me to fuck you now Angela’, he said

Jack let out a slow whistle, ‘Angela you are perfect for the job, just one last thing though, my clients are powerful people and need to feel’, he paused, ‘well, treated nicely if you get ma drift’ Promotional work he said, odd hours like my present job but the pay and tips were a lot better

‘Jesus, thanks mister’ I said, elbowing Leon in the ribs as he stood there with his mouth hanging open I bathed and trimmed my blonde pussy, waxed my legs and shaved under my arms I was becoming hot and wet here in his presence, I felt myself talking to fast I was really quite flustered He complimented me on my dress sense and said I was quite a looker I wasn’t sure, not one hundred percent, but then he slid a smallish wooden desk box over to me and told me to open it At last the PVC dress was on me A growl escaped my lips as I lashed up down Jacks cock with my tongue as if there was no tomorrow My head was spinning as his words slipped through my consciousness and I started to moan softly, as his other hand stroked up my stocking clad thigh and lightly brushed the very upper tip of my sex I squirmed in my seat as I felt the wetness build inside me Shit, why the fuck did he insist on coming in here

‘I think we should get out of here’ she said, ‘relax’ said Leon, as he sidled up to the bar and ordered two beers from the hulking, tattooed barman

Leroy suddenly lunged with the knife, but Jack knew it was coming and quick as lightning had Leroy by the wrist, twisting him down to floor They looked and felt so sensual

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