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Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Where: In Call -- Out Call
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Location:   Raleigh - 27699
Additional Location:
Baltimore, MD 21201
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Los Angeles, CA 90009
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I am an upscale GFE companion touring mostly along the eastern United States. I enjoy my job and seem to meet the most interesting people on my travels. You may read some of my blogs about my travels on my blog/link page http a>. I want my clients to have a bit of insight into my personality before we meet.

As for the basic statistics; I am 5'6", 130 lbs, long blonde hair and grey eyes. My measurements are 40DDD-28-39. I've been a model since I was in elementary school, took ballet, tap and jazz for 10+ years, and have been in commercials and films Wall to Wall Hose Monsters, Damage Report are a couple of mine.

I like a soft, gentle touch, romance and of course good hygiene. I maintain myself impeccably well- hair, manicure, pedicure, tan. I like established gentlemen who maintain themselves as well. I do prefer my clients to be above thirty years of age and require that they present me with identification at the time of our first meeting that corresponds with the information given to me. I do conduct a prescreening of my potential clients which is always performed with the utmost discretion and respect for your privacy. Tips and gifts aren't required, but are certainly relished with great appreciation. I'd love to show you just how appreciative I can be. An idea of the gifts I enjoy (other than cold, hard cash) would be red wines, especially from the Chateauneuf-du-Pape region, my favorite champagnes are Veuve Cliquot and Perrier Jouet Rose, favorite flower is the Calla Lily, favorite perfumes are Chanel #5 and Burberry London and I love gift certificates to adult stores or most any kind of adult toys.

I love having a sensual massage given to me to get me relaxed. A glass of wine or champagne and scented candles just puts me over the edge! My passionate side comes out so eagerly with warm hands caressing my back and shoulders, soft music in the back ground, romantic lighting mmmm, scrumptious! I never rush my men, so be prepared for a fun, relaxing time with me. Let me give you an experience you won't forget. See you soon!

Incalls start at $350, I'm available for outcalls as well.
http a>

(201)270-7490 (answering service)

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Most hated the candy and food, as it was so different from what they were used to Only a couple of them ever had sex, so they didn't know what they were missing How was your trip? Did you sleep well?"

"Morning "

"You have thought of everything, haven't you?"She didn't answer, she didn't have to, her smile said it all It was covered with fruit

"Uh… I'll be out here, if you need me

"Yes, but he will be respectful Sometimes their timing was not perfect This worked well, as my wife would draw blood and test for diseases, and hereditary conditions, while I snapped pictures of everything I could find "

"Not to put any pressure on you, but the whole magazine is counting on you "They only wore loincloths, that barely covered the parts my wife was hoping to see One group or the other would wait for awhile The rest will have to wait until tomorrow There haven't been any births for many years In fact, there are no members of either tribe under the age of nineteen " our guide said, as he led us to his hut "

"that's right!" I quickly agreed, and nudged her forward, before she backed out "But what would you have done then?"

"Probably this," she said with a mischievous grin He and the chief spoke for several minutes, before he turned to us A moan "

"He wants you to take off your clothes, so that he can see your not hiding anything She kneeled in front of the first one, and lifted his loincloth My wife looked up at me, "I'm sorry too, this is my fault He finally shouted something, and in a moment, our guide was standing at the door I had my digital camera out and was firing off picture after picture She was very understanding, as she knows how different cultures react to different things We had a few stragglers come in, and stand next to her side of the bed

"I guess it won't be that bad, besides, a lot of people are depending on us

"The chief says after dinner he will send small groups to your hut As she got up and walked back over to where I was standing, she licked and sucked her fingers clean When do we leave?" I wanted to get out of there before he changed his mind That is until she lowered her soft moist lips down around his shaft By bed time, she was exhausted I knew what was coming, as he continued, "but things are getting pretty tight around here with budget cuts and all we may have a problem I could tell by his body movements that he shot at least seven good spurts into my wife's mouth "

"I'll do this for the magazine, but you have to strip too I turned to grab another camera, when the chief held out a cup to me I would never play poker with this man I turned my attention to our translator He thinks she is hiding something the guide spoke back to him, then turned to me I could see her savoring every drop, not wasting any She has always had a thing for dark men A shutter ran through my wife's body as the words sunk in

"Our driver was kinda cute, wasn't he?" my wife said, as she slid her hand up and down my chest What's up?"

"He still doesn't trust you He feels it would be better if we left " I smirked "Besides, I wouldn't want to make them jealous!" This caused her to laugh

"Yes!Of course I will! When do we start?" She was shaking with anticipation, as the two exchanged words "

I stood up, and reached my hand out,

"Thanks, I won't let you down "I can't believe how much I love their cum! If it weren't for my sore jaws, I could do that all night!"We couldn't wait to finish up tomorrow "He says he wants her to return without any covering so that he can be sure she's not hiding anything The trip took about three hours, but his Landrover was a newer model, and was very comfortable "I'm sorry, but the chief still has his doubts about you You can be here the entire time He examined her from every angle, and even reached out and gently prodded her a few times It took about twenty minutes before she turned around from the table that made up her "lab" As she slowly raised her eyes to meet his, she placed her hands on his knees "Besides, we're all adults here Her tongue, like a snake, would come slithering out searching for more as she slept Seems the head elder turns all reporters away My wife went over, and began drawing blood from them The men and women live apart from each other One small sip told me this was not just nectar "

* * *

We spent the next day preparing for our trip But it might be a little difficult for you

As the day went on, she made up tests to keep the men coming "

I knew why he wanted to stay, but for some reason, it was kind of a turn on He says they will arrive after bathing in the river I came up with what I thought was a brilliant idea

"No, the elder thinks women hide an evil spirit, and he gets nervous when any are around She didn't think twice, dropping down in front of him "We all sat down there in the lobby, as we explained everything to my wife

* * *

About a year ago, some of the governments of foreign countries felt we were exploiting their natives, and if we wished to continued our "study", then we had to do something in exchange "I wonder what he thinks about when you're blowing him" I thought out loud

As we lay in bed, she spoke to me We retreated to our hut to prepare for dinner and dessert Still interested?"

"You bet My wife was at her desk, knowing where I was, but not why

"OK, we will go, but there are no promises They would mate, and then return back to their homes He nodded once, and sat down From there, he will take you to the tribes village My group focuses on the unique people of the world "Once a year, the women send only a handful of young women to a camp halfway between theirs and the men's' camp It leaves in two days It took only minutes before he started bucking his hips, and filling her mouth with warm nectar

"Just the two of us? Can we handle it?"

"Of course we can, we'll just have to work a little harder That's why I already booked your flight

"Er… this is your partner? Uh I'm doing all the blood tests, remember? If by chance, I find something, I'll just break out the baby oil and give them the hand job of their life "

"I suppose, considering the whole operation hinges on us We hadn't noticed before, but the chief was standing at the door watching Our jet landed, and we boarded a smaller plane to take us closer to our destination "How considerate of the chief I knew exactly what he was feeling, as she continued to swallow gulp after gulp "Well, I don't know how you did it, but you convinced him to change his mind She looked at me and said, "All clean!", as she slipped her dress off, and walked towards the men She continued sucking and pumping

"I know you have been here a long time, and you are a valuable resource here, but A guide will meet you at the airport, and take you to the hotel " he said as he stood guard at the grass door After she had left, the elder spoke I looked up at her and said, "I think the chief here could use another one of your world famous blow jobs, right chief?" as I looked over at him "

"You expect me to walk naked across this camp with over twenty men staring at me?"

"I got news for you " she said matter of factly My editor called me into his office " As she twirled around, they scattered in different directions Most of these guys are almost naked anyway As a newly graduated nurse, who is working on being a doctor, this would be a great opportunity for her I stripped down to my shorts

"Oh well, I guess they saw me already, lets get this over with They had cleared out a hut for us to sleep and work in, so we started hauling our stuff inside My job is photography Our caravan consisted of my wife, and myself, a writer, a video cameraman, and a travel agent, who kept us in hotels and made things run smoothly She ran her hands up until the met in the middle with his manhood clasped in her grip "It doesn't look too good I don't know how many years he had been saving that for, but he sure let loose "OK, big man

There was a knock on the grass and bamboo door, and it slowly creaked open Before we knew it, we were flying across the ocean to some country in Africa, that until now, we had never explored Our guide was busy setting up his tent, and talking with the others You will have to take notes, as well as shoot pictures She proceeded to take him to places he has never dreamed of Sometimes I think she enjoys it more than fucking "

Hey, things might be looking up after all, I thought "

"I was expecting that

"This is a strange group of natives She would meet us down there when she was ready She then respectfully dropped to her knees in front of him "We walked hand in hand to the elders hut She knew they were talking about her, but had no idea what they were saying "The two of us stood there in disbelief The men here ranged from about 20 years old up to the chief elder, who appeared to be about 40 anyway, I leaned over and whispered in her ear We were allowed fewer and fewer visits, and it was hurting our publication

But this year would be different I will stay also, if you wish This lead to layoffs throughout the company He had no reaction As my cameras filled up, I downloaded them to my laptop, then e-mailed them to my home via satellite The chief and I relished each moment watching my wife work " she said as she started undressing We publish stories and photographs of odd and interesting people, places, and things We drank nectars that were incredible But she's not real fond of the taste I have decided to give you one chance to prove what I know you are capable of

* * *

We strolled over to the "dining hall" at the end of the village "

"I just walked naked past twenty good looking men, what could possibly be any more difficult?"Did she just say "good looking men"?maybe it was my imagination Very seldom will she swallow, preferring to spit it out, and rub it into my shaft and balls He will also translate for you After my wife devoured nine men, the chief decided to call it a night

"The chief says the poke of your shiny stick causes pain I don't know why I whispered, as no one could understand me anyway, but I whispered my idea They lined up at the door, and by early evening she was using the juice from aloe plants as lubrication as she pumped with her hands

The sound of the elevator door opening caught the attention of our guide, who was waiting by the front desk She slowly planted kisses down my chest, and across my stomach The other two were fascinated by her actions You offset his pain with pleasure Because of highly volatile conditions in many parts of the world, our travel was greatly reduced I've been there for over five years now Instead of the crap we usually bring, what if we offered some medical care? My editor thought it was a great idea, and so did many of the countries' leaders I know you can do it He stiffened a little, but his expression never changed

I work for a national magazine

"Honey, how's it going?" She could sense something was up That night at dinner, I spilled the news A young black man, in his early twenties, met us at the gate That is why there numbers are dwindling They would then place the tips of their dark cocks upon her lips as they came I knew were this was leading, and I knew who she was thinking about As soon as we arrived, the natives began staring at us Our guide, however, was having a hard time not staring for the obvious reasons He seemed to be fascinated by the fact that her pussy was clean shaven, but said nothing because of the cuts, I can only send you and your wife He was starting to tremble, then suddenly he stiffened "Hi honey, is this our guide?" she asked while giving him a very warm smile

"I don't need to be naked, I'm not the one hiding anything This was fine, as we had a long day already, and wanted to just rest He hurried over, extending his hand as he approached He motioned her away, so she walked back over to me "Now he had my attention Yeah, it was a pretty good flight, and this hotel is wonderful Everything was absolutely wonderful I figured I was next on the chopping block We discussed my wife's "dessert" as we dressed It took about an hour to get to the hotel, and he pointed out many sights along the way My wife then hurried back to our "lab" to begin the testing I was dressed and ready, so I told my wife I would go down and see if our guide had arrived yet Two cups later, I was pretty well smashed, the chief just sat and smiled

"There is a tribe in Africa that so far hasn't been published by anyone He soon stiffened and groaned, supplying my wife with her much needed fix He gave us our key, and informed us that our guide would meet us here in the lobby at 8:00 in the morning Then the men would send only a handful of guys to this camp By mid afternoon she had tested and tasted every man in the village "All eyes were on me as I left his office This seemed to put them at ease, as they started smiling and nodding to us

"Well, can we at least try?" she pleaded They would slowly pump their own cocks, using the aloe, as she had shown them earlier The men stared, but they didn't leer His expression never changes, other than the occasional smile or nod "The guide hemmed and hawed "

I wasn't sure how to respond to this, when suddenly my wife showed up, kissing me on the cheek He was telling them that we were friendly, and were here to help them " The guide still had no clue as to what had happened here earlier By the time the elevator doors opened on the ground floor, she was all over me "

My wife was jumping up and down, "Yes, yes, we will do anything!"She was squeezing my arm Are you interested?"

"Are you kidding?, I would love to do it!"

"There's one catch Her nipples were getting hard His eyes bugged out as her tongue slithered up and down his now erect cock Each one flinched a little, but sat still through it all

"I knew it was something good! I knew he wouldn't fire us!"I hadn't given her all the details yet, as I didn't want to scare her "

"Great, are we ready to leave yet?"

"No, not yet Oh god, what if their diet consisted of slugs and spiders and elephant dung? We always brought food with us just in case

The chief sat there for a moment, while he regained his composure She loves to suck cock He was still in shock, as she moved over to the next young man "

"So there are no women at this camp we are going to visit?" I asked Well, OK, at my wife

* * *

The next morning, we woke bright and early to began our adventure Sometimes they would just leave Once inside, the guide introduced us, and my wife immediately went over to draw blood "

"Oh yes, that's right, they said there would be two of you She appeared to be orgasming as she swallowed It was basically a large hut with no walls, and a long table Wait a sec Again, no expression on his face, as he motioned her to turn around By the end of the day we had everything in order "

"He wants her to come back naked?"I understood his reasoning, but I was making sure " I teased " was all she could spit out between slurps While we waited, he filled me in on the tribe we would be visiting After checking our gear, we took showers and laid down on the king size bed " I said with a grin When we were done, we headed back to our hut, awaiting the first group Beautiful fruit, some of which I have never seen before I think normally he would have said no, but there was something about this white women that intrigued him

"I had a feeling you would jump on it

"He's clean, very healthy " His English was also very good, and I had a feeling my wife would enjoy his company He was young, perhaps 20 years old, but had the demeanor of a much older person I blew it She was hired six months ago, as my assistant Out of his lips came something we finally understood His face still showing no expression Finally the guide turned to us Some thought I had been fired, some knew their jobs counted on me At first, we tried trinkets - candy and toys, for the children I didn't know if she was offended, or flattered She looked up at me in amazement, "He wants me to suck off all the men!" she whispered Still waiting for my partner "Then the light bulb went off in my head Three young men entered, and sat on the bench at one end of the room I waved him in, pointing to a chair next to the table They much preferred tree bark, and bugs, or whatever it is they eat

"Honey, I think I have an idea This time was no exception, and when she was done, we fell into a deep sleep "After all, we came a long way And coming My wife smiled and waved at him And they couldn't understand even the simplest of toys and games He sensed that I wasn't grasping his explanation, so he added, "they live about twenty miles apart "

I didn't think that was so odd, many natives sleep in separate huts "I need more cum She slowly walked over to the chief, keeping her head down the whole way He said you may stay, but under one condition He then said something, and the guide came rushing in So where is he?"

"Uh… he's waiting in his hut for us On one hand, I was very jealous that she swallowed his load, but on the other hand, my pants were about to burst

"Good morning, sir She no longer worried about talking in front of the chief, as he always just sat there I soon found out She then lowered her mouth down around my hardening cock, and began that ritual she does so well They talked back and forth, stopping occasionally to look at my wife "Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked, knowing her passion for both dark skin, and cock sucking Swallowed? The only cum she didn't swallow was the overflow that covered her fingers All to quickly, he had our stuff unloaded and was driving off We walked in, and up to the chief elder, who was sitting on his bamboo throne

"Come on, grab your stuff!" was all I said, as I whisked her down the aisle, towards the elevator "

"I wasn't expecting that! Are you serious?",she laughed, nervously

The hotel was suprisingly nice, and the man behind the desk spoke English quite well She slowly leaned forward and planted small kisses along the underside of his slender cock " I said with a chuckle, "Look around He stuck his head in and looked around, then stepped inside

"I'm afraid so He told us that our guide was running a bit late, and sent him out to pick us up " He spoke to my wife as he said this

"What's going on? What happened in there?"She was worried for the both of us

"You bet! I don't know what they eat here, but the chiefs cum tasted like honey! If you figure out their diet, I'll swallow your cum every night!"

"But what if you catch something?"

"Don't be silly " , he paused for a moment

"You knew they were watching me get undressed, and you didn't say anything?"

"I didn't hear any complaints, besides, what can you do when the walls are made of branches?"Looking around, you could see daylight everywhere " Then the chief spoke again This time, however, he lifted his loincloth for her, and closed his eyes I'm truly sorry, I'll be outside packing my things

"I wouldn't know, but obviously you think so This was all they ate… so this was their secret! We gorged ourselves on fruits that tasted like nothing we had experienced before You must do the same for each member of the tribe She sucked hard and fast, pumping with one hand, and massaging his balls with the other

* * *

The next day, I took pictures of everything I could find, and even wrote a few notes This is where my wife comes in She walked up and stood before the chief and I

He's not sure about her

"The elder will see you now "Maybe I should have invited him up I tried everything I could think of At first she was shocked, but a smile slowly crept across her face The last hour was off the paved road, but wasn't too bad none of them had ever seen a "white" woman before, and many had never seen a woman since leaving the women's' camp while they were children

"I don't care, as long as he cums soon

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