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Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Where: In Call -- Out Call
Services Offered: hookup -- Massage -- Dancer -- Date --
Rate: Not Set - Contact Provider For Rates

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Location:   Wilm & Surrounding areas - 28425
Additional Location:
Wilmington, NC 28401
Additional Location:
Wilmington, NC 28412
Age:   34
Height:   5' 5" Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Weight:   154 Eyes:   Green
Bust :   Not Set Dress :   Not Set
Waist:   Not Set Shoe:  Not Set
Hips :   Not Set Hair:   Blonde

Hello gentlemen!! My name is Micha and Im new to the area. I'm a curvacious blonde with green eyes natural DDs :) and lots of fun. So if you are a mature professional gentleman who just want to have sum fun. I'm available any time by appt only.I offer compaionship,massage erotic dance,& toy shows,2girl shows ect.. Please contact me for moe info

See you soon

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“Now you study your bible, young lady When he took me home I’d take off my panties You should try the glory holes over there in the video booths at North Street Adult Book Store She’s a cheerleader ’ That’s more like it

Just then they heard the door to the basement open God needs your money more than you do “There is a book of Judith in the Apocrapha ”

Debbie stared at Jesus and the others in awe and amazement Be generous, people Judith, a beautiful widow, charmed this dude named Holofernes and beheaded him after he got drunk and passed out "

"Well, hurry up or we'll be late ”

Judy went down to the basement where the teen bible study group met

“Grab her girls and hold her down,” Pammy Jo commanded ”

“Hey, I have an idea,” Pammy Jo cooed, “I think Debbie should sit on Jesus’ head Let’s sing ‘Amazing Grace’ while we take up the offering She also had Moses and The Devil and Virgin Mary and Buddha’s Delight and the Grim Reaper and Judas ”

“Examples of what?” Debbie asked innocently ”

“Amen!” Judy shouted, the only one in the entire congregation who spoke Maybe later you can fill me in on how that happened Pammy Jo just smiled ”

“I would never!”

“Never say never Whores

“Pastor Jim?”

“Yes, Judy?”

“What are you preaching about next Sunday?”

“King Solomon ”

“As if!” Pammy Jo protested ”

Reverend Bragg watched Judy intently as she walked away After the offering, go to the room where your particular bible study group meets I love Jesus I'm eager to have a personal relationship with Jesus, how about you?"

"Yes, Mom, I sure am “You know, Luke 22:3, ‘Then entered Satan into Judy

“Mom,” Judy whispered, “isn’t Babylon a strange name for a woman? Did they call her Babs for short?”

“Be quiet, Judy, ask your questions in teen bible study later Of course not all could be made of gold and silver Smart little girl The girls scrambled to get their clothes A few minutes later, just as she started to cum and squirt, she rammed Jesus all the way in her vagina ”

“Pammy Jo is correct You should go to the basketball games and watch her jump around Repent! Repent those of you who have gone astray When we went steady I usually just gave him a hand job The bible is filled with them, from Tamar to Jezebel to Babylon, the mother of harlots of Revelation, chapter 17

Pammy Jo quickly stood, wiggled out of her tight slacks and removed her white cotton panties ”

“That sounds like it would hurt Efforts have been made in newer English translations to correct this translation They don’t make a mess either Reverend Bragg had a personal word at the door for each member of the congregation as they left I wonder if she is wearing a bra “Let’s see if he can lead me to the promised land ”

“I hope so Judy I’d like to wrap those long legs around my neck Some are even battery operated The Catholics have it in their bibles but we don’t Makes high honors Then she put both hands around the head and moved it up and down and in a circular motion ”

“Let me tell you sinners how this obsession with harlotry all started,” Reverend Bragg continued “It all began with phallic worship

“Well,” Judy began, “I’m it today, the teacher She was a hero

Judy’s mother poked her with an elbow

“That’s the end of my sermon for this morning

“Now pay attention, Debbie, and I’ll tell and show you how to accept Jesus


Judy pulled Jesus from her purse, both of them

“Examples of what Reverend Bragg preached about in his sermon It had been advertised in the church flyer as “The Harlot ”

Kathy selected Moses The smaller ones were wooden No more swallowing for me unless I get a diamond on my finger and no screwing until I’ve taken a bite out of my own wedding cake “You will notice that these silicone dildos have a flared base so you can attach them to a harness com )

Debbie watched, somewhat shocked, while Judy and Kathy giggled “It sounds like Armageddon ”

“Debbie, do you love Jesus?” Judy inquired seriously “What was Pastor Jim talking about?”

“Did you understand Pammy Jo?” Judy asked ”

“Is it true Pammy Jo?” Kathy asked

“What in the world is going on down here?” Pastor Jim asked Reverend James Bragg strutted to the podium, about to begin his Sunday sermon Repent you harlots!”

“Amen!” This time Judy kept silent while everyone else chanted ”


With that Pammy Jo grabbed the bigger Jesus from Judy’s hand I didn’t get much notice but I did bring some examples Large ones were displayed in places of public worship ”

Pammy Jo pushed Baby Jesus about half way into Debbie What’s the story with her?”

“Her name is Judy ”

“Amen!” the audience chanted in unison divine-interventions ”

“Now, what do you suppose these images of men are that is mentioned in this verse? Phallic symbols, that’s what ”

“No need to bother with that, Mom The deacon’s wife is sick First, does anybody have any questions?”

“Isn’t there a Judy in the bible? Judge Judy or something like that?”

“No Debbie, that’s a TV show, you dummy!” Pammy Jo blurted Ahhhhh, that feels good! And quit asking so many questions, you’re distracting me

“No worries, Debbie, we’ll use lots of lube,” Judy promised as she probed the girl’s hole with her finger I could see her nipples

“Kathy,” Judy suggested, “show the girls how to accept Jesus as your personal savior He tells all his friends you fuck like a mink ”

Everyone filtered out of the church

“Debbie,” she asked, “are you ready to get fucked in the ass by Jesus?”

“No! Please, no!”

“Look at it this way,” Judy added, “those Jew babes a couple thousand years ago had a splinter problem It is the Devil’s work indeed Sheep, so many sheep ”

“It’s not the same, Joe ” The organ player started a vicious rumor that the preacher got caught in the act by his wife with his dick down some hooker’s throat Apparently they were to be the only attendees this Sunday ’ That word appears forty times in the Hebrew bible

“He didn’t, Debbie, they satisfied themselves, and each other, with the help of Jesus and friends of course Maybe she’ll get smarter We could play a little show and tell, Debbie,” Judy offered, “so you can fully understand the concept

“Debbie,” Pammy Jo continued, “I hope you can find your clitoris ”

“Pammy Jo is correct,” Judy responded “There is a judge in the bible but I doubt she was as blond as you What verses are you adults covering?”

“The immaculate conception I think ”

“I think that was Judas,” Kathy corrected Unfortunately it is mistranslated to ‘grove’ or ‘groves’ in the King James ”

“What about you and the gym teacher Mr

“The first of many I’m sure ”

“Amen!” Judy looked around before joining the rest ”

“OK, Mom, sheesh, I just asked Kathy what we were going to discuss in teen bible study after the service ” Those parishioners who didn’t like Reverend Bragg referred to him as “Jimmy Braggart He’d sniff them and jerk off while I played with myself like I’m doing now She began to slide Jesus up and down on her, twisting the shaft up against her clit ”

“You sure like those cocksuckers, Pastor Jim “I’m a good little Christian girl It’s at the top of your vagina under a little hood between your inner and outer lips But enough of that, any questions about today’s sermon?”

“Yes, I didn’t get it,” Debbie spoke up ”

“Just praying,” Judy assured him, “and praising Jesus Today they are made of rubber and plastic and silicone ”

The two men climbed the stairs

“King Solomon,” Judy mused, “he had like 300 wives and 600 concubines


"Yes, Mom?"

"Are you ready for church?"

"Almost, Mom

“The Hebrew word for this phallic symbol is ‘asherah

“Sweet Jesus, fuck me!” she cried and whimpered, over and over, as she writhed in pleasure ”


“You stick it up your ass, Debbie

“That one has a nice tight little ass, don’t she now, Pastor Jim?”

“No shit, Joe "

Half an hour later they sat in their pews in the hot, crowded church Judy and her mother were last and they talked with the preacher for a few minutes ”

“Love that red hair and those freckles ”

“How do you suppose he kept them all satisfied?” Debbie wondered ”

“It’s a butt plug “What they say in school about you and Bobby Porter, the quarterback I used to babysit his kids Deacon Joseph noticed and approached him Sure, if he was real nice I’d suck his dick but no cumming in my mouth

“This is all about divine intervention,” Judy explained Daniels? We heard about you and him too

“Shhhh, be quiet, Judy, the preacher is going to begin his sermon ”

“That sounds interesting, Mom But it’s good preparation for when some dude sticks the real thing up your ass ”

“Pammy Jo,” Judy observed, “you look like you are just about ready for Jesus ”

“Yes sir, I surely will Will get to that ”

“Birds and bees?”

“Sex, Judy, sex “Well, this is your lucky day, because the ones we have are already hard and never get soft ”

“No way, Kathy, not much to that rumor either ”

“Goody, I haven’t played show and tell since first grade She had Baby Jesus and Jackhammer Jesus My wife has the flu For example, The New Revised Standard Version translates ‘asherah’ to ‘sacred poles ”

Debbie giggled and Pammy Jo kicked her in the shin Pastor Jim and Deacon Joe came down the stairs

“Masturbation It’s time to go home It’s probably time we had a talk about the birds and bees What about this Baby Jesus? Why is it so much smaller than the others

“Talk about getting born again,” Kathy quipped ”

“Today, brothers and sisters,” the preacher began, “we are going to talk about harlots Maybe one day some bible translator will have the courage to call it like it is

“Yeow! Please no, please stop!”

“Do you really want us to stop, Debbie?”

“Debbie, crying, shook her head, indicating she did not want them to stop


“That’s the first orgasm I ever had,” Debbie muttered weakly a half hour later ”

“I already know!” Pammy Jo squealed ”

“It does ”

“Praise the Lord!” the girls shouted in unison Her friend Kathy and two other girls, Debbie and Pammy Jo, waited I’ll take the Virgin Mary When you rub the spot like I’m doing right now, it, uh, feels good She cringed, not so much from the blow, but from the dirty looks her outburst drew ”

“Yes, Judy, maybe I will

“Amen!” they chanted, ascending the stairs, eagerly anticipating next Sunday’s bible lesson Every Jewish princess had one for her own personal devotion ”

“It’ll be The Devil for me,” Judy decided Dildos

(Get saved today! http://www I’d like to pull those pigtails if you get my drift Come with Jesus Well, I guess we better get to our bible study groups before the sheep get restless She’s leading the teen bible study group today ”

Judy and Kathy snickered and Debbie shuddered

“Oh my fucking God!” Debbie screamed as Pammy Jo shoved Baby Jesus in all the way It works kinda like a penis You’re only going to have a sphincter problem I like to see and feel a little tit while I’m getting head He did once by accident


Pammy Jo applied lube to the head of Baby Jesus Now you girls finish up here Have you ever watched a cock get hard?”

“No, not really I love my Jesus

Reverend Bragg opened his King James to Ezekiel 16:17 and read, “Thou hast also taken thy fair jewels of my gold and of my silver which I have given thee, and madest to thyself images of men, and didst commit whoredom with them ”

Pammy Jo reclined on the couch and began to finger herself ”

Pammy Jo laughed

“Do you get the idea, Debbie?”

“Yes, I think so, Judy

Judy did whisper to her mother, “But Mom, didn’t those Jew babes have a problem with splinters?”

If looks could kill

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