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Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Where: In Call -- Out Call
Services Offered: hookup --
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Location:   Greensboro - 27406 Age:   Not Set
Height:   Not Set Ethnicity:  Not Set
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Waist:   Not Set Shoe:  Not Set
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I fucked her in the ass for a few seconds dam that felt good That's all I need to hear so I put my limp dick right in her face Dam I thought she was going to suck the fuzz of my chest she was good

Now I having sex with more women at 1 time then in my whole life then another came over and started kissing me then another came and knelt behind me and started rubbing my balls witch were getting heavier by the minute Out of my clothes I came and Linda took me by the hand to the center of the room and said look who's hear it's the little quite one

All my nerve endings alive hell I was alive for the first time in my life I was ALIVE I looked down and this blond head was going back and forth sucking my cock with enough suction to make hover proud What an exciting life do lead or what Then another woman came over and put her tits in my face But I never stopped licking her clit Then I licked her small little brown spot to get it nice and wet She got down on her hands and knees and said big boy you are going to fuck me in the ass right now and you going to do it good and hard too She took them in her warm soft mouth while still stroking my cock Well she said time to go to we got to work in the morning guess ill se you then

My eyes saw it but my mind couldn't believe it I took my right hand and slapped her on the ass The boss then call me up front and gave me a check for 1000 dollars for being the first man to fuck all the women in the office and not cuming and with that he said ok now get back at what ever you were doing Walked around and stuck my cock in her mouth See I work in a office full of beautiful women and there are only two other men that work there and 1 is the boss and the other is the clean up fellow I have a little desk in the corner and well its me and 15 other women I bent over and licked her wet pussy dam it was sweet too

"Fuck me you son-of-a bitch come on fuck me When my tongue touched her clit she shook all over I was going to cum and it was going to be the best orgasm I have ever had too So I raised my hips and shoved my self into her wet pussy hard as I could, meeting her half way with each stroke Ladies we shall turn him into our little sex toy tonight Then back to her swollen clit I blew my load right there on Linda's face and beautiful tit's woman that was behind me came around and started licking the cum off Linda's tits and face I could feel that old feeling 1 more time swelling up inside my self She spun around grabbed my cock and lowered herself on to it slowly, as if she was teasing me now My back arched every nerve came alive and I let it all go I took finger and put it in her wetness then made small circles around her asshole she relay started to moan then See will you were right there is a lot of ass kissing going on at these parties Seems like something's would change from time too time but for me they don't But I never stopped licking her clit They were so soft and perfectly round I jump in the car drive to work and do work my 10 hours and go home to my wonderful TV She was on all fours and one man was on his back fucking her for all he was worth and the other had his prick in her ass and they were fucking her and good too she was crying out "fuck me damnit come on do me good you 2 son of a bitches they were like a time clock - one would thrust in and the other was pulling out Can’t what for that huh Now I had been married before but the only woman I had ever been with was her and no one sense my divorcee Well the Christmas party was two days away and I wasn't sure about going " So I pushed her off she now on all fours I entered her wet pussy from the rear Then another came and laid on the floor in front of me and spread her legs wide open could see her sweet looking pussy shining in the light she was so wet the juices were running down the checks off her ass and at that moment she put her whole hand in her cunt And a different lady came over and started to suck on the other nipple She reached down and grabbed a handful of my hair

That's when Linda came up to me and said that you have to pay to get in hear Got up and went to the next Her hands found my balls and she knew just what to do with them to I must say He got all 15 women too get down on there hands and knees side by side and told me to fuck them all any way I wonted to Well ok after all you are the boss Till I was done

So I pulled my cock from Christi's mouth and took Ronda and pushed her to the floor looked her dead in the eyes and said you are fixing to get a good fucking with that she said no you are Hard as I could go faster and faster you could hear my nuts slapping her Some say I am luck butt I don't ask them out I works with them for goodness sake One of the other ladies came over and started to suck my nipple

She was going to cum by tongue or bust hell open Well I a jackass for work so I said ok ill be there in 20 min 9 women were with women and the rest were with men dam what have I been missing at all these parties all this time I reached down and took Linda's beautiful breast in my hands I pulled her up and kissed her right on the mouth hard as I could Females are lucky that way When I looked around I noticed that most of the women didn't have men with them, and they were having sex with other women, now that's a waste ant it 'S I got dressed and off I went I got to the building took the elevator to the 10 floor and when the door opened up I could her all the noise and the music pumping

Well the next day at work no one said a word about last night not 1 word So I took Linda and we went off to the table were we always have coffee and she told me that she had always wonted me to her self and now she was going to do just that Take all your clothes off and come on in I stood there for a min and said to my self what the hell lets go for it What I saw next made me drop my briefcase and lose my breath no one not 1 person in the place had on any clothes not 1 stitch and the smell of sex was in the air Up and down side to side then down and slip it in to her sweet wet pussy, just to hear her scream and tease her even more I took both hands and reached up to play with her small tit's this made her moan even louder that before "my god I was fucking a beautiful woman in the ass and eating another's snatch what a Christmas this has been And with that she was gone too

It was a day just like all other days you know Damn they were nice too big nipples that make you wont to suck on, so that is just what I did then I felt my cock getting hard 1 more time I wasn't going to let this night get away without fucking someone

Well I told the boss I tried 3 and I think I like to fuck the rest of them in the cunt so I went along the row I would put my dick in each ones cunt and fuck them a few strokes and move on to the next on

Damn I can't work in there with all that going on so I went up the hall stood at the door took a deep breath and opened it Hell who could ask for more tell me who?

Well it was almost Christmas when my life took a strange and wicked twist

Well the night of the party I thought hell I ant going ill sit hear and watch the old tube and drink my own booze that is already paid for

She then started to move her self back and forth on my cock dam was this good then barb came over and put her big brown bush right in my face it smelled too dam good she was straddling Ronda, and now had 1 leg over my shoulder, so I could get my mouth full of her sweet wetness Hell I see that all day I ant coming on my own free will to see and hear that I put the head of my throbbing cock to her asshole and pushed it real slow at that moment she thrust herself all the way back on to my hard cock and screamed out fuck my ass please fuck it hard I eased it out some and pushed it in as hard as I could get it to go I get out of bed have 2 cups of coffee get dressed for work and go You wake up and every thing is the same old same old I stuck my dick into the first 1 and she didn't make a sound so I withdrew and stuck her in the ass with my finger she let out a little sound well that's all for her so the second one I slammed my dick in her ass hard as I could she let out a scream that would curl you hair And with that said she got on her knees, and took my semi hard cock in her mouth, and I felt like I was in heaven

Always heard that 69 was more than a score Her nipples were hard as diamonds she let out a soft and erotic moan when I pinched her nipples, which almost sent me over the edge I mean ant nothing going on there but office politics and ass kissing I looked around and every one was gone only the 2 of us were left Then the phone rings it was Linda we need you down hear at the office to help out with some office stuff " Then the boss came in the room and said "ok everyone stop what you are doing for a minute Out of the corner of my eye I saw 2 men with this women and there were working her over good We both climbed up on the table and started to 69 I opened her wetness to see her sweet and wet pink folds had in store for me, and I loved what I was seeing I told her I going to cum she turned around took my cock in her mouth and started sucking me Soon as I thought that she let out a scream "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH MMMMMYYYYYYY GOD I AM CUMING" that fired me up I went crazy licking her faster and faster 1 orgasm 2 orgasm 3 orgasm dam 4 orgasms in a row "That's right mother fucker slap it" in and out her wet pussy it felt like a silk glove all over my body She turned around and asked me to just kiss her on the ass were I had spanked her so I did All the way down to my calf's then back up to my ass cheeks I wonted to get a closer look at this

I went and stood in front of them and she looked up at me right in my face and said "let me hold that dick you got and ill suck it till you get hard enough to fuck some one with it Well I was getting ready to go home when Linda the girl in the cube next to me asked if I was coming to the party "well I don't think so I got to much to do and I hate parities anyway" well this year I hear its going to be a wild and crazy time with free food and all the booze you can drink When I got to my desk I found a invite to the company New Years party I reached up to touch her cunt and the juices were dripping down on my face I couldn't believe what I was seeing

William that's me please come up hear, since this is you first company party I have a surprise for you

Her hands ran up and down the inner part of my thighs and that gave me goose bumps She fondled them gently and let her mouth go down the length of my cock till she found my balls

She started sucking even harder My god I had never felt anything like this before She got on her knees and started to suck my cock and dam did it feel good I could feel the blood rushing to the head of my cock Well I might come and check it out and see what's going on with it I had never felt anything like that before I thought I was going to pass out I started shaking all over for god sake please stop She spit out my cock and dropped her head to the table almost banging it

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