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Orientation: Straight
Where: In Call -- Out Call
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Location:   Charlotte - 28262
Additional Location:
Charlotte, NC 28217
Additional Location:
Charlotte, NC 28201
Age:   20
Height:   5' 2" Ethnicity:  Mixed
Weight:   110 Eyes:   Hazel
Bust :   Not Set Dress :   Not Set
Waist:   Not Set Shoe:  Not Set
Hips :   Not Set Hair:   Black

Hay,Im hunny and ,Im 20 years old 5'2" 36b-24-34-110 very sexy&exotic very sexy body, I will love to satify u in every way possible, my rates are160half,200hour for incall/outcall are 225 hour//300 if out of Charlotte,I would be delighted to here from u! best experience ever!!! thank u sincerly Hunny

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She was tense, trying to prepare herself for anything, but she wouldn't be able to prepare for this "

But Chad was already asleep Wade had stopped himself

"It's not your fault, Thomas

Chad realized that perhaps he was the only one that had really seen what was going on in the middle of the dance floor "

She closed her eyes and summoned another thread that had been created this night "

Arachne giggled and her mouth opened, diving forward and engulfing his rigid cock

Chad smiled Do not be seen until then "

"That is not unusual "Tell me, Thomas, does Stephanie suck your cock?"

Thomas didn't answer and Arachne flicked her tongue over the head of his cock, then nipped the sensitive skin with even, white teeth "

Arachne giggled again, low and soft, almost purring but didn't step forward Then, he stood, pulling his finger from her ass "

Arachne took a deep breath and conjured the pretty blonde in her mind

"Yes, Baby! Anything you want!"

Thomas ripped hard on her panties and Arachne gasped as the fabric tore away from the waist, leaving her ass and pussy bare "Don't try and defend her, Thomas, because you can't Not one peep "

"N Her body was perfect, round breasts held up by a black silk bra and her mound covered by thong panties of the same material Sometimes, complete submissiveness was annoying She picked up the glass that held the bluish-green liquor and held it to his lips

"Thomas! Oh, shit! Yes, Baby! Shit!"

He'd never heard Stephanie use those words, but he knew by the tone of Arachne's voice that she was close and kept up his lapping, his jaw aching

"I'm a pastor's wife, Chad He washed the rest of his cum from his hands, the dream still hot in his head "Looks like seeing your wife with another man has had quite an effect on you

"Yes! " Arachne grunted past the pain in he ass Suddenly, Arachne's body jerked and she screamed as she was struck by her orgasm, her body bucking on the couch, cunt releasing a fresh flow of juice onto Thomas' tongue He gripped the thin fabric of her panties in one hand Suddenly, Thomas didn't like the look of that ass and decided it needed a hint of red

"Very impressive

Then there had been Stephanie Wade Now, that had been something to see! It had been more exciting to watch than any porn movie, more real than anything he'd ever experienced " Arachne murmured softly He wondered what it would be like to have her, to take her and fuck her Wade off to find his wife and Arachne following him He undressed, Arachne looking over her shoulder, gulping for air

"All men want there women innocent and sweet until it comes to fucking, don't they? Well, I'm not innocent or sweet, Thomas He didn't wait to think anymore He was always saying shit like that and Mom ate it up like it was wisdom from God, instead of a quote he got from one of the cassette tapes he was always listening too She can't let loose of who she is with you It's what you were made for

"Hmmmm He had no idea how Mr He wanted her to feel it, the pain She was dressed as she had been at the party, sleek black dress held on her shoulders by two thin straps If it had been him, he would have taken that cat-like beauty into her home and made her scream for mercy Thunder rumbled outside, echoing the turmoil Thomas felt building inside his own brain


Thomas Wade sat in shock, barely touching the glass of liquor Arachne had poured for him

"Don't you wish your wife sucked cock like this?" She murmured, stroking him He also wanted her to enjoy it Now, she reappeared at the door, still dressed in her sleek party dress, eyes filled with compassion for him He would make someone pay tonight "

Thomas moaned as Arachne unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants Still there was potential there, Melody was notorious for her wildness, even when she had been in high school

Arachne moved back into the shadows

Arachne felt something at the edge of her consciousness; a form walked into her presence

"Is she a good cock sucker?"

Thomas said nothing "I practically screwed you on the dance floor Still, he had noticed where Melody had gotten her looks

"Care to tell me first?"

She was trying to sound confident, but her voice betrayed her uneasiness She was holding back the rush of his blood and cum with her hand, waiting for him to give in No matter what had happened this night, he could not excuse going any further Thomas moaned as Arachne's tongue massaging the length and her lips clasped hungrily around him Her thighs were firm with wide hips

"You like that, don't you slut? You like having that cock up your ass!" He hissed in her ear

Chad licked his lips Cum had splashed onto his hand and across his shirt "

Thomas took the glass and drank

"Don't try to run, Thomas

Grunting with effort, Thomas grabbed Arachne's hips and with a violent shove, stabbed his cock deep into her exposed ass hole until the full length was buried His body wanted to give in, to take her and release all of the anger and frustration that had blossomed the moment he saw his wife with another man

"The way to a woman's heart is through her daughter Thomas smiled grimly and brought his hand down again and again, the pale slope of her ass suddenly sporting a red mark of his hand He wanted to finish and closed his eyes, thinking of Arachne in her sleek black dress, thigh rubbing the crotch of Mr Memories of the night mingling with his desire, creating the dream It had been an extravagant purchase, but his Dad shrugged it off saying that if you wanted to be a salesman, you had to sell yourself He had never talked to her again after that His mouth was dry as he stared down at her perfect white ass, swaying seductively in the air, her raven hair spread over the couch cushions No choice at all "

Arachne left the frustrated young wife trapped in her wet dreams and sailed back to her body "

Anger exploded as Arachne turned from Thomas and he jumped from the couch

Carlos stood silently behind her, awaiting further orders "

The closeness of the lithe young woman affected Thomas, much as it had on the dance floor She wanted him to submit and he knew it

"It's even better close up Arachne, however, went mad; wailing and digging nails into the couch as Thomas ate her pussy and slid his questing tongue up into the tight ring of her ass He had been close once at school Laura Brown, the pastor's wife As soon as the liquid was past his throat, he felt it explode in his stomach and spread to all of his limbs

"What do you have in mind?" He said, putting his arms behind his head Carlos said nothing else and departed She stood before him, slipping the sleek black dress over her shoulders and sliding over thin hips Stronger His nostrils flared with the musky haze of her scent Just before he drifted off into dreamless slumber, he heard Arachne's voice calling out to him "

"Then kiss me, before I give up on you altogether "Maybe you should take a closer look

When they got home, Chad went immediately to bed, and released his throbbing cock I took her home and cleaned her

"Something I've always wanted to do He'd cum so hard he'd hit himself in the face! What a hell of a dream!

He went to the bathroom after dressing in some sweats and a T-shirt "

"Good His wife, screaming, humping, SCREWING another man Finally, when he felt it was time, he concentrated all of his energy on her pulsing clit, shoving a finger into her asshole After all, that was his fantasy Her words, her actions, completely unlike anything he had ever seen, yet somehow more real

"Ungh! Yes! She does Someone, he couldn't tell whom, grasped his cock in a smooth hand, stroking it slowly

"Ooh!" Arachne said as she broke his kiss

"You know her too well

"Why? Because she was screaming like a bitch in heat?" Thomas rose up on the edge of the couch Or 'capital', which was a word his Dad said over and over again " She whispered

Still he fought the urge I think you need to show us both Even the words embarrassed her "Drink this and you'll feel better You know this is the only way to prove yourself Arachne took the glass and made him drink more All restraint was replaced by whit hot fury

Thomas kept licking for awhile; enjoying Arachne's cries and convulsions as her orgasm subsided Arachne seemed gave off intense heat and had an enticing scent, what was it? Cinnamon? Something spicy that struck a chord in him

Arachne Thorne sat cross-legged on the balcony overlooking her terrace, her body relaxed

He wasn't just talking to Arachne, he was also talking to his wife, and to any woman that caused man the pain he had endured

"Drink She cried out, but in pleasure, not pain and laughed as Thomas wrapped his arms around her nubile body It would leave him that much weaker "

"There is only one way to regain your pride

When he opened his eyes he was naked, his room dark lit only by the dim yellow next to his bed Her legs were her best feature, long and shapely "

Arachne rose from her seat and walked to the couch, sliding down next to him

"It'll be a surprise She didn't seem to mind the reckless approach of his attack and her own tongue parried his, slowing him down, forcing him to take his time as smooth hands caressed his body, finally sliding down to his crotch

She slipped silently into the young woman's mind This is how he dreamed Stephanie would taste, but she never let him near her cunt with his mouth Maybe that was it

"Do you want me to suck your cock? Tell me, Thomas He felt his chin and his finger came away sticky

He brought his palm down upon her buttock and Arachne screamed Then his mind replayed the events As if, the woman in the woods had been his wife with no restraints, no preoccupations, and certainly no morals that she usually exhibited in bed She smiled, her skin glowing in the yellow light To hear her cry his name Wade?"


"Maybe this is why Stephanie needed such a good fucking There stood Mrs Chad Sandwell had been left alone He had decided that Stephanie Wade was not worth the effort Something slipped in his mind, something VITAL But one of the girls had chickened out at the last minute Anything you want, all you have to do is take it "

Chad woke "Yes! Fuck me in the ass, Baby! I can take it!"

Not in a million years

"What are you doing here?"

"Please, Chad, I've always wanted you His tongue dove forward and tasted her, perhaps the sweetest taste he had ever imagined She envied her servant " His minds conjured up pictures of Stephanie and Carlos in the woods

"Oh, I think you're too much for me, Chad

He barely listened to his parent's conversation as they drove home in the Mercedes Dad had bought a month ago " She nodded towards his rock hard cock, straining up between his legs

What he had just seen, was so unreal that he thought he was dreaming

Then, there had been the dance between Mr Still it is nice to see my plans coming to fruition He fucked her later the same year and ruined her dress when he came all over the front of it He had tried his best to flirt with the pretty young wife, but found her a merciless tease

Arachne stepped into the light If it couldn't be Stephanie, it would be this bitch!

"Come here!" He yelled and gripped a handful of dark hair, dragging Arachne back into his embrace


"How can you say that?" Thomas said Sometimes She even seemed to stop breathing Do you still want me?"


Arachne moved her hand from his cock and stood up

As he fell asleep, he made silent plans to find a way to ask out the preacher's daughter He was still dressed, although his fly was open Finally, she let go of his cock with a loud 'pop' of her lips and slid her long tongue from the balls to the tip of his burning member Melody Brown and her mother? Where the hell had that come from? He'd danced with Melody at the party, flirting heavily, but had hardly looked at her mother

"Yes Tell me to suck it and I will


Chad Sandwell went to bed that night extremely horny Could it be possible to have both? No

"You see

"No "

Thomas dove forward and mashed his lips against Arachne's, his tongue spearing artlessly into her mouth "

Both women climbed onto Chad's single bed and he felt their warm flesh rub against him vigorous

The abuse of her ass was not enough, however, and Thomas stepped forward

"I wish I could believe you

"Very nice "

He should leave "

Arachne gripped his cock tightly at the base, holding him rigid, pulsing blood making it thick and red Thorne Chad had tried listening to them once and had decided immediately that they were as full of shit and as his Dad was With the drink burning in his veins and her lovely mouth poised above his painful erection, there really was no choice The daughter maybe, but Laura Brown? No way

"What makes you think I want you?"

"Because my mother told me " Carlos said with no hint of pride She too was naked and Chad was pleased to see that where Melody was willowy, Mrs She could feel him no matter where he was A young man like you needs two women Work smart, not hard Wade and the woman, Arachne "I think this part of you liked it " She said, her tongue flicking out and teasing the thick head Arachne moaned at the pain, but held her ass still, willing to let Thomas use her body He'd met many girls like that in college had even succeeded in fucking a few of them, but the time and effort expended always outweighed the actual experience "

Thomas grabbed her hips; thumbs digging into her ass cheeks and he stretched her open She could feel the rage and frustration of the husband downstairs but, for the moment, it was better to let him stew in his rage "

Chad couldn't disagree She would let him do it; she would let him do anything he wanted There was a giggle from the shadows and Chad reddened Obviously whoever was in his room had seen him naked, so he stopped trying to cover his body She is sleeping peacefully Suck my cock He shuffled forward, his cock ready and aimed it directly at her ass She could smell the warm vanilla scent on the cold breeze of the night His Dad worked harder than anyone he knew " Arachne set the cup on the table Plus, I'm obviously not satisfying my wife!"

Arachne laughed " He said Arachne pouted It had been his wife unfettered "

Thomas looked into Arachne's eyes, feeling himself overwhelmed by her beauty She slid down his jeans and underwear releasing his cock

"What are you going to do now?" Her voice trembled

"So, Mommy, are you going to show you're daughter what to do?"

Laura shook her head He wanted to say something to her, but what? Thanks for the party? Glad your butler could fuck the living shit out of my wife? Sure takes a load off of me!

He didn't say those things, however

On the way home, his parents did not say one word about the dancing Arachne stood before him, inches away "

She pointed to the other side of the bed and Chad jumped again

"Hello, Chad First, there had been the dance with Melody Brown, only to be interrupted by her parents

"You're really going to let me do anything?" Thomas said The blue-green tint of the liquid belied its potency, burning his throat as he sipped

The dream was still alive in his mind when Chad made it back to bed Her teeth, tongue and lips all worked in unison Arachne's body seemed to stop for a moment, gathering all her strength and desire and pulling it into her body He expected to see her again when she stepped back into the light, but instead he saw Melody Brown, the pastor's daughter She came into the room and lounged on an overstuffed leather chair across from the sulking husband Swiftly, her consciousness was pulled across town, as if following a gossamer thread that had been attached to the unfaithful young wife After all, she had created him She stood before him, her pelvis thrust slightly outward, looking down upon him, a superior smile upon her face,

"What would you like to do to me, Thomas? I'll do everything you're wife would never do and more " Arachne said like as if she could read his mind

"How is Mrs Wade see you downstairs?"

"No Arachne didn't tell him to stop, she only moaned, using her ass to blunt his rage "

Chad jumped, attempting to cover up his nudity Suck it no it didn't

"Oh, shit!"

Thomas brutally plunged the thick head through the puckered ring, gritting his teeth as the tight opening clenched at the intrusion I will summon you when we are done He thought of the pastor's wife and daughter The raw sexuality exhibited by Arachne Thorne was magnetic and his thoughts kept creeping back to the beautiful young woman on the ride home They were talking about some plan or scheme Dad had involving Miller's Bluff and the only time they mentioned Arachne Thorne was when they were considering money The sensation triggered an explosion of heat that burst directly from his balls to his brain and Thomas' mind was filled with the sight of the raven-haired beauty and the scent of spice He did feel stronger

The party had broken up after that, Mr I guess you just weren't the man I thought you were She can't possibly be that way with you because she knows that you know her every flaw, her every mistake Brown was voluptuous, her breasts round and full, not sagging

Knowing that, realizing that it was someone else that had made her act that way stabbed at his pride "

"Well, she's never been like that with me He bent forward and pulled Arachne's head back by her thick mane of black hair

He knelt down and shoved his face forward, smelling the moist perfume of her pussy While his work was done, hers was just beginning It was so hard the small slit in the tip was staring him in the face Isn't it nice that you have such a willing partner to take out all of your anger on?

Before he could think he answered " She moaned and looked down at his rigid cock "You feel better already Chad groaned and he heard Arachne's voice whisper from somewhere in the darkness Thomas dove further into her pussy, his finger ramming into her ass "Don't you wish she would suck you like she sucked Carlos in the woods?"

"Yes!" The word was ripped from his throat "

"This seems to have a different opinion " Arachne's nimble fingers ran up and down the length of his cock He tuned out his parents' grandiose plans for making more money and focused on the image of Mrs

"Did Mr " He stepped forward, pushing Arachne down to her knees, her head and breasts still on the couch Wade Thomas tried to pull away, but her other hand came up and gripped him behind the head

Arachne that had left him in the luxurious den of the house sprawled on a leather couch, giving him time to himself

Chad smirked

"That's right, Thomas! Take me!"

Thomas pushed whirled her around and forced her to bend over the couch "

She placed a hand on his thigh and moved closer until he felt the swell of her breast against his arm Arachne held up her hand I am afraid I was a little

He spent time on her pussy, feeling the young woman respond as he controlled her pleasure "She dreams of you

Arachne's green eyes never left his face, gauging every reaction and adjusting her mouth to provide the defeated husband with as much pleasure as he could stand She had blonde hair also, bobbed in an old fashion style that reminded Chad of a horny June Cleaver Carlos She was pale of skin and when she emerged fully into the light of his lamp he noticed that she had a firm, willowy body, her breasts round and pert One way to prove to yourself that you are the man you think you are

"The way to the mother is through the daughter

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