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I hoped that the neighbours would not hear us then thought savagely "Fuck them"

A month or so passed

She turned me around and washed my back and buttocks, even pressing her fingers into my butt crack to soap me up from lower back to balls

After that, we showered again and Maria, walking very slowly and cursing me good-naturedly made us a light supper

I sneaked back to my own apartment the following afternoon

"Oooooooooi" Maria moaned, "That feels nice"

I waited for her to cum and then let my own juice shoot up into her I tweaked them and pressed them; sucked and nibbled them, which made Maria moan in appreciation I later found out that she had not been butt fucked since she was 19

"There!" She said after a few minutes of anus licking, "I hope that compensates you for last time"

She stood up and embraced me, her breasts pressed against my back as her hands ran over my chest and groin

I came in a series of spurts that actually made me feel weak and lightheaded She was leaking pussy juice all over my balls and thighs, it flowed so freely from her choot, and it was amazing

Finally, she relaxed enough to allow me to start slowly and gently to move my prick in her rectum

Finally, I was finished I reached for the shaving cream and smeared a generous amount on my cock head and shaft, for lubrication

I waited for the very last drop of cum to spurt into her contracting pussy before I withdrew A long time and it showed

I wiped her butt crack clean and then almost on impulse I licked it

My manipulation of her clit brought shudders and moans from Maria The shudders actually made me more nervous

Soon however, my pace was faster and harder,

She moaned and cried begging me to be gentle but lust was now in charge

I pushed the tip of my tongue against the orifice and probed it forcefully It was as natural to me as shampooing my hair or brushing my teeth

We fucked with her riding me until she came

I waited impatiently for her rectum to relax and allow me to pump

"Oh?" I asked with a sly smile "Had many Lunds have you?"

She squeezed my balls playfully and said, "It's not polite to ask a lady that" I shaved my pubic hair off once a week Just like my teenage years in college with some Chaloo girl (easy lay)

Well, she had met me in only a knee length kamiz (shirt) and shalwar (trousers), and no panties or bra underneath her as she told me hotly while struggling to undo my belt and zipper that she wanted me in her fast and very hard I had done so since puberty no stay A simple mount and pump operation, face to face with minimum foreplay and little staying power

I stood with my hands on my hips watching her progress A bead of clear pre-cum poised at the piss hole in anticipation perhaps of fun to come

We both managed to remove her shalwar rapidly and start humping

"Quick She took each ball gently in her mouth and sucked it

It was true Kaleem actually taken her hymen or was the butt buster the titleholder there as well? See what I mean?

I held my balls and my shaft and pressed harder and deeper into her They hung like fat ripe mangoes, tipped with dark brown nipples that seemed to demand sucking

Her tits were the biggest I had ever had the pleasure of handling

She lay on her back on the bed, on a towel with her legs open No doubt, her husband was humping and pumping the fuck out of her The last thing I wanted was to cut her in so sensitive a place I wiped her now bald pussy with the towel and said "Now the back"

With a girlish giggle, Maria flipped herself over and pulled her buttocks apart

If there is such a thing as Devil's luck, then it was with me that day

I spat a mouthful of spit onto her back hole and applied my finger to the job of oiling her butt hole up My tie and shirt loosened and my trousers and shorts around my knees as I pressed her against the door of her bedroom and fucked her

My cock was now hard and throbbing again My anus clenched reflexively, I hoped her sharp long nailed index finger was not about to violate my rectum again " (Groan) "He has My prick's stand had waned slightly My services were not likely to be required

"You keep yourself clean" She whispered her hands stroking my hairless groin teasingly

I had to constantly rinse the blade and even wipe it to remove the thick curls that became stuck in it (It was a disposable razor) It has nothing to do with romance; it was simple lust, plain and simple sex " (Moaning) She struggled to say Besides, I had a tortured butt hole to avenge

I saw that she was not that hairy, a few stray wisps trailed up from her fuck hole to her butt hole and with a few quick runs of the razor, I removed them

Maria and I fucked standing up in the hallway

Please note that I was not invited

I had never licked an anus before Maria was only the third fully covered choot I had ever had

My fingers dug deep into the soft flesh of her butt as my Lund went in and out, up and down in her It was a new experience for me and cold beads of sweat broke out on my forehead and back

We exchanged polite greetings and hurried back to our apartments In fact, my wife is off for the weekend to my in-laws

"Yes! Yes! Ooooooooooooooh Yes! I'm Cumming", she gasped A bit too much passion and I would loose a ball Kaleem (I never called her Maria in public) at the meetings of the association It was a messy, rough fuck My sudden interest puzzled my wife but she soon got over it

The concentration I had used to shave her pussy had taken my mind off the pussy its self Had it been a deliberate plan or a compromise offer after refusing to loose her choot seal?

It was strange how to distract my mind and avoid ejaculating; my brain would pose these sexual questions

"I love the taste of my pussy and your cock," She said stroking my re-erect shaft of manhood yes

I handled my balls gently and said "Umm still pretty full"

She laughed and slapped my thigh hard "Naughty greedy little boy" She said making a play-acting look of angry disapproval The shaving equipment on the floor beside the bed, ready to be used

She was sweating and moaning, her breathing heavy and fast as she held her buttocks apart and moved back to swallow my tool a millimetre at a time you?" I asked panting


Now do not get me wrong here

In the night, I woke up to find Maria getting astride my erect manhood and watched as she impaled her now hairless, fat juicy cunt with my rod

"Little?" I protested holding my cock in my hand and smiling

"I've seen bigger" she said taking it in her hand and weighing my balls in her other hand The woman fucked like no woman I had ever had before Fingered and fucked many but never actually put my tongue on the wrinkled little rose bud of anyone's butt hole

"Your husband

With sweat pouring from our bodies, I eased my cock deeper and deeper into her back passage

Now if you have ever shaved a choot you will know that the hardest part is the gash

We stood embracing and French kissing in the shower letting the warm water wash over us This made her smile and wagging her finger at me, she called me a 'greedy little boy"

Finally, she stopped and smiled as she looked up at me Most of the women I have slept with have taken care of their pubic hair themselves, either removing it or clipping it short


She turned the shower off and handing me towel said "Shave my pussy"

The lack of a bra had been obvious; the kamiz was made of light summer wear cotton and tightly fitted I was not sure what I expected to taste but it was certainly not revolting or bad It is so tricky trying to get the wisps of hair there, The flesh is so easily cut, Even with Maria pulling at the fleshy parts to help me, it was nerve racking

Author's note: For Jeanjean and her Desi lover but he

My pumping became harder and rougher; she was starting to moan louder and louder

Maria was sweating and panting, as she slowly slumped to the floor in front of me A hard fast stand up fuck before or after classes

Actually, now I think about it, some of the best choot (pussy) I have had, I fucked as I pressed them up against the back wall of the Auditorium

Maria and I spent the morning, fucking, sucking and bathing together I tried to move back slightly but she screamed in pain, begging me to wait

As it turned out though, we could not Her husband was a traditionalist in the bedroom Besides, my own butt hole needed to be avenged

I was naturally very hard and was tempted to mount her and fuck her hard, before starting to shave her

I dipped the razor blade in the Dettol water and started to shave her fuck box Her bush was thick and the lather formed easily To my surprise, I felt her tongue licking my crack, poking my butt hole and even probing at the sphincter

I went straight to Maria's apartment as we had agreed

I had never shaved a woman before

She paid special and gentle attention to my manhood After dropping my family plus the hellish in-laws at the airport, I arrived home to find Maria waving her husband goodbye in the car park She bent me slightly forward and as the water rinsed the soap off me, she knelt down behind me and pulled my buttocks apart

I myself was really just keeping the links for the sake of Maria I think you know where I will be

Then one sunny Sunday morning as I sat eating my breakfast and reading the paper, my wife came back from answering the phone, told me that her father and mother (the in-laws from hell) were off to Lahore, and had invited her and the kids to go too After what seemed an eternity, with my balls and shaft protesting the delay, I felt my balls slap wet and sticky against her cunt lips didn't Like had Mr

I have never grown a beard so I had no idea how hard it would be to remove such a thick growth I phoned her and a day and time were fixed

I found myself wondering who had been the man to take her anal virginity My manhood hung half way between up and down, she took hold of it and still breathing hard, licked it's sensitive cum smeared head clean with her tongue and then, went to work licking my balls

As I dried myself, she took a fresh razor and a tube of shaving cream from her bathroom cabinet and filled a plastic mug with water with a drop of Dettol added

She then took the soap and applied it all over my body

I asked Maria to take a shower with me

My fingertip entered with a little pressure, Maria was cooperating fully, holding her buttocks apart, and trying to relax her sphincter bloody quick" She panted

Then we lay down together in bed and slept

"Yeees! Oh Yes!" She whispered, "Put it in my ass!"

When I thought she was loose and lubricated enough, (I applied some shaving cream to her hole) I stood up and aimed my prick at the inviting target I had prepared

I pressed the head of my cock at her rectum and waited as her sphincter reluctantly gave way and allowed my cock to gain entry I met Mrs

I followed her back into the bedroom

I knelt at the foot of the bed and eased her hips downwards towards me

For a while, it seemed like I would be unable to nail Maria again She really lost herself in the passion and power of it My wife ended her self-imposed exile and returned home Her husband returned from where ever he had been and Maria disappeared from view for a while

I moaned and held onto the wall to steady myself

She must have seen the lust in my eyes because she said, "Screw me once I am as bald as a girl"

It was harder then I had thought it would be

Then I flipped her over onto her back and fucked her slowly and deeply until I came

It did not

Maria and I had planned a Sunday afternoon filled with sex and then more sex

I felt Maria shudder and guessed she had cum, probably at the moment my hot cum flooded into her rear end Lovingly soaping and rinsing it as I soaped her large full breasts I took her ass again and promised to use it often shooter?" I asked my fingers searching for her butt hole I was deep in Maria Kaleem's butt hole at last is oooooooooooo

I took an early off from my office, a rare privilege I seldom took and hurried home beating the evening rush hour and the stream of neighbours returning home from their jobs

Maria and I still meet to bang our brains out whenever we can

I made the required noises about her not going as I would miss her (a lie) and the kids (the truth) and she as expected, ignored me and set about packing for a week away from home

"But, I have never been fucked as well as this cock fucks me" She added kissing the piss hole of my cock I should have kept their phone numbers fuck

We ate her sitting on my lap (not that comfortable for me) at the kitchen table

Her bush was still wet from the shower so I only had to add a little water and the shaving cream

She groaned as my tongue teased her crack with long slow passes over her rear entrance

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